NEUERO Technology GmbH stands worldwide for development, production and supply of modern maintenance equipment for high speed trains, local passenger trains, metros, trams, locomotives and other rail vehicles.

As a worldwide leading manufacturer we supply the markets with projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America already for decades. Our home market is Germany with a significant proportion of equipment for workshops of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

These projects are implemented by a core team of mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers, dedicated to the project design, costing, engineering, contracting and the production, supply and installation.

NEUERO Technology GmbH is a middle-class enterprise with middle-class owners. Since 1970 internationally active with a very high degree of popularity.


In 1914 NEUERO starts as producer of agricultural machinery. The product portfolio was extended continuously by the production of conveyors for loading and unloading of ships and by design and erection of military protective structures (shelters).


In 1988 a new strategic alignment in three separate companies took place:

  • NEUERO Technology GmbH
  • NEUERO Industrietechnik für Förderanlagen GmbH
  • NEUERO Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH

In 1990 NEUERO Technology GmbH took over the product range „Lifting plants and systems“ for rail vehicles of Messrs. GEDI (Gebr. Dickertmann, 1843) and developed to a worldwide acting supplier of modern machinery and facilities for the maintenance of rail vehicles.


Service, Maintenance, Spare Parts

During the project completion phase we provide an extensive project documentation including Operation and Maintenance Manual.
We offer smooth after-sales service, regular maintenance and telephone counseling for your problem cases, error analysis, telephone assistance for repair, spare parts in the shortest possible time, service personnel as soon as possible on site.
We also maintain and inspect facilities of other manufacturers.

Quick contact: o.wille(at) or phone: +49 (0) 5422-607-26


Certificate ISO 9001:2015

DGUV-Test Certificate (for lifting jacks, underfloor lifting systems in cantilever design, underfloor lifting systems for direct lift, bogie repair hoist)

DGUV-Test Certificate (for Mobile Roof Working Platform)

DVS ZERT Certificate
Conformity of the Factory Production Control

Certificate – Authorization to mark

Certificate HPQ EXC3 DB

NEUERO Technology GmbH
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